Skripte zur Podcast Folge

Skript (pdf)

Folge 100: Die KHG Augsburg

Was ist die KHG? Wer sich das fragt, findet hier Antworten. Und wenn ihr Dienstagabend noch nichts vorhabt, lohnt sich das Hören doppelt: Seid gespannt!

Rund um Podcasts

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a row of audio or video files, which can be listened to/watched over the Internet and can be subscribed. The latter works via RSS-Feeds, that way you get informed automatically when a new episodes is available. Our podcast is about a series of informative, five to twelve minute audio plays respectively reportages.

What’s the origin of the word “podcast”?

The word “podcast” comes from the English language and is put together from the abbreviation “P.O.D.” and the word “broadcast”. “P.O.D” stands for “playable on demand.” Other sources claim that “pod” comes from the “iPod” which is a known possibility for listening to a podcast.

Do I need an iPod to listen to a podcast?

No. Each episode is available as mp3 and can be played on any device that supports mp3. That can be a mp3 player of any manufacturer, a cellphone or a normal computer.

Who or what is a “podcaster”?

A podcaster is a person, who produces a podcast and provides it to other people via Internet. By the way, you can get to know our podcasters, which means the teams who produce the episodes of student.stories, here.

What is a “podcatcher”?

A podcatcher is a program, which informs the user via RSS-feeds about new episodes and is also able to download them automatically. Examples for such programs are iTunes, gPodder or Miro. Podcatchers are nice to have, but they aren’t mandatory to listen to a podcast.

What is an RSS-feed?

You can subscribe to news of, e.g. a news-page or a podcast via RSS-feed. This can be accomplished using an internet browser like Mozilla Firefox, or an E-mail program like Mozilla Thunderbird. Especially handy are so called “podcatchers”, which download the newest episodes automatically via RSS-feed. The RSS-feed of student.stories can be subscribed to here.

Downloaden und Abonnieren

Can I just listen to the episodes on the student.stories homepage?

No, you can subscribe via RSS-Feed for example, and in case you use an podcatcher like iTunes, download it automatically. Aside from that, the episodes are available on

Do I have to subscribe to listen to single episodes?

No, you can listen to and download single episodes without subscribing. Just go to the rubric Select episodes and select a subject or language. There will be a button “Download as mp3” in the list of matching episodes – you can download any episode to your computer this way.

How can I transfer the episodes to my portable player?

You can download and save each episode individually under the rubric “Select episodes”. After that you need to connect your portable player, a cellphone or mp3 player, to the computer and save the mp3 files on the device. And just like this, you can listen to the episodes en route! Alternatively you can subscribe to student.stories, for example via RSS-Feed. This way you have to declare where you want to save the episodes on your computer just once. The following transfer of episodes to your player works just like described above.


What is a mp3?

Mp3 is a audio-data-type, which allows to save audio data in good sound quality but with small space requirements. Such mp3 files can be played with usual mp3-players or computer programs like Windows Media Player, Winamp or foobar2000). Because of this high compatibility we chose mp3 for student.stories instead of other data-types like OGG or AAC.

Why doesn’t the audio-player play the podcasts?

If the audio-player on our page doesn’t work, you should use an internet browser, which supports HTML 5 and JavaScript, like the newest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome – best you just install the newest version of your browser. You want to keep your old browser? Then you can install a flash-plug-in in order to listen to our podcasts. Another possibility is to download the episode in question and listen to it via a player software like Windows Media Player.
Maybe there are server problems at that particular moment, in that case just try again later.

Hintergründe zum Projekt

Is student.stories a commercial offer?

No! The project is supported by the “DAAD-Programm zur Förderung der Integration ausländischer Studierender (PROFIN)” with funds of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. You can listen to and download the podcasts directly on our website for free.

What are the episodes of student.stories about?

The individual episodes of studend.stories concern everything that accounts for living and studying in Augsburg: They offer study related information and knowledge about everyday life in the universities and the city, e. g. about the internet connection on campus, the payment system of the cafeteria or the best shopping facilities. Culture and spare time aren’t left out of course – tips for local events, places of interest and a lot of other helpful information complete the topics of student.stories. We try to answer all your questions – if you also have a subject, which should be dealt with in an episode, then suggest it here!here!

Who produces the student.stories?

The podcasts are produced by the students themselves – each student at the university or the technical college can participate in the project. The participants are German and international students of different specialties, who work together in intercultural teams. They learn the needed the basic know-how in workshops.
The teams of students of each podcasts are introduced here.

Who listens to the student.stories?

The target audience of this offer are German and international students at the university location Augsburg. The podcasts of student.stories are supposed to help them orientate themselves better prior and during their studies. But we also want to reach employees of the universities and family of international students in their home country. This way they can experience firsthand what studying in Augsburg is like.

Why are the student.stories available in multiple languages?

student.stories is an informative offer for German, but especially international students. Many of them don’t speak German very well, in particularly at the beginning of their stay in Augsburg – and because of this, we want to provide them with all the important information concerning studying and living in Augsburg in their native language. In order to do this, we need many international students helping us with the translation of podcast-episodes! Everybody can join in – how it works?Learn more.

What is student.stories?

student.stories is a program offering podcasts, provided by the colleges of Augsburg, which is intended to reduce problems international students may face in everyday life on campus. The idea came from the Institut für Medien und Bildungstechnologie and the Studentenwerk Augsburg, which work together on this service.