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Folge 100: Die KHG Augsburg

Was ist die KHG? Wer sich das fragt, findet hier Antworten. Und wenn ihr Dienstagabend noch nichts vorhabt, lohnt sich das Hören doppelt: Seid gespannt!

The project

Here, We’ve gathered the most important information about the project and its background for you.

What exactly is student.stories?

student.stories is a program offering podcasts, provided by the colleges of Augsburg, which is intended to reduce problems international students may face in everyday life on campus. The idea came from the Institut für Medien und Bildungstechnologie and the Studentenwerk Augsburg, dwhich work together on this service. The project is supported by the “DAAD-Programm zur Förderung der Integration ausländischer Studierender (PROFIN)” with funds of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. You can listen to and download the podcasts directly on our website for free – or you can subscribe to an RSS-Feed, so that you will not miss an episode. Student.stories is also offered on iTunes, and many other podcast-portals.

What is the purpose of student.stories?

10,6 percent of all students attending the University of Augsburg come from abroad, at the University of Applied Science Augsburg they account for 10,5 percent. Especially at the beginning of their studies they need a lot of information – about their studies itself as well as about the city, the culture and the people of their new environment. The Akademisches Auslandsamt of the university and the International Office of the UAS offer a variety of orientation programs at the beginning of each term. These include tutorials, mentor programs and information events. The student.stories episodes are supposed to complement the existing offers – using the medium podcast, international students are now able to inform themselves everywhere at anytime, about their university, their studies and their new city. Furthermore the project student.stories adds a valuable contribution to advance the integration of international students on their respective campuses and in the city even more than before.

What is student.stories about?

The individual episodes of studend.stories concern everything that accounts for living and studying in Augsburg: They offer study related information and knowledge about everyday life in the universities and the city, e. g. about the internet connection on campus, the payment system of the cafeteria or the best shopping facilities. Culture and spare time aren’t left out of course – tips for local events, places of interest and a lot of other helpful information complete the topics of student.stories. The international offices and the international students of the location of universities Augsburg worked together closely to create the podcast program with its ample variety of topics. The podcasts are produced on the basis of a structured overview, generated from interviews with students, supervisors and employees. This overview can be reviewed here. You can send us additions and suggestions for new podcast topics anytime!

Who produces the student.stories?

The podcasts are produced by the students themselves – each student at the university or the technical college can participate in the project. The participants are German and international students of different specialties, who work together in intercultural teams. They learn the needed the basic know-how in workshops.
The teams of students of each podcasts are introduced here. You can get to know he people behind the project, too – on ouf contact-page.
You want to join and produce your own podcast? Then let us inform you right here about the participation possibilities.

Who listens to the student.stories?

You! The target audience of this offer are German and international students at the university location Augsburg. The podcasts of student.stories are supposed to help them orientate themselves better prior and during their studies.
The podcasts are also an informative offer for all university related people in the scientific and non-scientific area – this way they can be sensitized about the special needs of international students. Last but not least, we want to reach friends and family of international students in their home country. This way they can experience firsthand what studying in Augsburg is like. Because of this, the podcast range of student.stories is designed based on multilingualism. Some of episodes are already available in several languages – help us to translate even more! You can find out how that works here.

Information about the project

• Overview of subjects about podcast-production
• Info-flyer of student.stories