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Folge 100: Die KHG Augsburg

Was ist die KHG? Wer sich das fragt, findet hier Antworten. Und wenn ihr Dienstagabend noch nichts vorhabt, lohnt sich das Hören doppelt: Seid gespannt!

Audio guide of the University of Augsburg

What is the audio guide?

The audio guide is a collection of 16 Podcasts, which deal with all major institutions f the University of Augsburg. You don’t know how to apply for one of the sport courses? You want to know how to access the Internet while being on campus? Or where do you have to go if you are new in the University? Our audio guide will help you with these questions. Even if you aren’t a freshman, the audio guide can be interesting for you: there is a podcast about the most beautiful places on campus and we are sure you don’t know most of them yet.

How to use the audio guide?

The structure of the audio guide allows you to listen to every episode while strolling through the University. There is a map, which will accompany you on your walk and show you the way to the different buildings. You don’t have to be on campus, to listen to our podcasts, of course – you can also listen to them at home or on the way. Even if you don’t have time to listen to all the episodes in a row, there won’t be a problem, since you can listen to each one independently.

Download the complete audio guide in zip-format here