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Folge 100: Die KHG Augsburg

Was ist die KHG? Wer sich das fragt, findet hier Antworten. Und wenn ihr Dienstagabend noch nichts vorhabt, lohnt sich das Hören doppelt: Seid gespannt!

Film about the participants

In this film, participants from Germany, Poland and Georgia talk about their experiences with student.stories. How they view the project, why did they join, how they like the work, what did they learn and why should you join us, too?

Five questions for an exciting look behind the scenes.

Have fun with our film about the participants!


Thomas Schwabe | Natia Marta Tsikelashvili | Roman Linzenkirchner | Susanne Heindl | Anna Goralewicz Jonathan Muck

Concept, camera, sound:

Jonathan Muck

Post production:

Daniel Beiter


Blik: Yellow Flowers (Original) | Abu Simbel: Damisela

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