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Folge 100: Die KHG Augsburg

Was ist die KHG? Wer sich das fragt, findet hier Antworten. Und wenn ihr Dienstagabend noch nichts vorhabt, lohnt sich das Hören doppelt: Seid gespannt!

Independent participation

Independent participation

You don’t study "Medien und Kommunikation", don’t take language courses and you aren’t part of the Begleitstudium either? Self-evidently you are still welcome to join our project! Student.stories is just the right thing for you, if you like working together with a friendly team of students, intercultural exchange and the media. You will work in an international team with other students of the universities of Augsburg. Together you research topics, which are relevant to other students in Augsburg and produce a podcast about these topics. This podcast is uploaded to our website – this way you can help many other students to orientate themselves better in Augsburg.
Which possibilities to participate are available?

1. Take part in workshops

We offer workshops concerning the podcast production in regular intervals. There you and the other participants of student.stories learn all the basics you need to become a successful podcast producer: research and interview techniques, how to write a good script and software know-how in the audio editing. In addition, we regularly organize training sessions for the speakers, which are held by professionals. They show you and the other participants how to act in front of the microphone. As you can see: you don’t have to know anything to join student.stories! After the workshops, you and your team work independently on a subject. You get the equipment from us and we help you with your questions and problems, of course. If you would like to join an international podcast-project or just meet the student.stories teams, then come visit us! The workshops of the ongoing term are on the following dates:

  • Thursday 27.10.2011, 6.30 – 8 pm: a first workshop where you can try the podcast production noncommittally
  • Wednesday 9.11.2011, 7 – 9 pm : workshop “Conception, interviews and recording techniques”
  • Wednesday 16.11.2011, 7 – 9 pm: workshop “Writing for the ear”
  • Wednesday 23.11.2011, 7 – 9 pm: workshop “Speaking”
  • (Wednesday 30.11.2011, 7 – 9 pm: review of the scripts)
  • Wednesday 7.11.2011, 7 – 9 pm: workshop “Cutting and sound design”

Just tell us via email, if you want to attend to one of the workshops. There is a monthly student.stories gathering by the way. It is a meeting for all the participants of the project to talk and just have fun. Come by and join us if you want to get to know the project or want to meet other students! The gathering always takes place on the first Thursday of the month, at 8 pm at the restaurant „Mr. Onions“ which is located in the neighborhood of the university.

2. Producing at home

Hobby-journalists watch out! You like to interview people or write scripts in your free time, but don’t know how to publish them? Your search has an end! Just send us your work via email, we process the interviews or scripts if they fit into our range of podcasts. Your name will be written next to the podcast of course – as fast as that you have got a big audience with an international context!

3. Bringing in your language

Our podcasts aren’t available in your language? Help us closing this gap. Join us for a day in the recording studio, breath studio atmosphere and record a podcast of your choosing in your native language! Find out how it works here.

4. If you want to participate…

just write us a short e-mail, so we can send you more information. This way we can notify you in time about changes of dates or something similar.